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We have sermons throughout the week at different durations. The weekly sermons are short but sometimes are just bible study sharing sermons. On many occasions, we usually organise the sermons during lunch hour or evening times to help you have an easy time of attending the sermons. Through that, we are also avoiding interfering with your work schedules. Beside our main church, holding daily lunch or evening sermons, all our church leader’s in our churches or outstations make their programs according to their congregation views. At Chula First Baptist Church we value our congregation and sermons are organised depending on your availability and size. With your views, your church leaders will make programs suitable for you.

But in our main church on Sunday’s, we have the morning sessions which starts at 10 am and goes on for two hours. The service usually begins with worship and prayer sessions followed by the main service. In the afternoons, we have teenage and kids sessions. The afternoon sessions start with a small bible study session and later on break into different activities such as games, drama, and choir training for those interested. Apart from that, we also have other different sessions tailor-made for kids. Due to us having members of our congregation working in various sectors, we urge them to form clubs for training the kids. From them, we have music training for our kids, computer training, drama and dancing training sessions. With these activities, we are pulling our kids to church and showing them the right paths, and in future, our lovely kids will be God-fearing children.

Apart from physically attending our sermons at church, you can live stream all sermons from any of our churches. You can also download watch or listen to the sermons at your own time. Through us streaming our sessions online, we are hoping to reach to you and deliver you from your sufferings through the word of God. We also baptize people in our churches.

Chula First Baptist Church Mission Program

At Chula First Baptist Church we believe in lending a helping hand to the less fortunate in our communities. For this reason, we formed a mission program which accepts volunteers who are ready to go out there and help other people and spread the gospel anywhere. Over the years we have been sending missionaries to different places across the world. Some of them go to Africa while others travel to South America. To be able to do this we work with other churches within our area and churches where our missionaries go. Through our combined forces we have a strong team of missionaries who are ready to spread the gospel while helping people.

Apart from spreading the gospel, the missionaries also hand over bibles to the people they are preaching to and also help in the creation of schools. These schools act as the central pillars of our mission work and help us to reach to the locals. It’s also where the bibles are translated into local languages by our missionaries. Through the schools, the students get to know God and hear the gospel.

Other Programs

Apart from the above Chula First Baptist Church also runs several other programs aimed at helping people. Some of the programs are lending a hand to pregnant mothers, helping the disabled and less fortunate people, run shelters, offer counseling services to people in marriages/people bereaved, provide homeless people with clothes and food. The list is endless, but at Chula First Baptist Church we are here to listen and help you.


Our counseling sessions are available for not only people having challenges in marriages but also for people who have lost a loved one. For the latter, we will hold your hands during this hard moment you are going through and will help you bounce back to life. For couples with challenges in marriage, our primary goal is to help sort your issues. We have trained counselors who run the counseling departments alongside our clergy.


At Chula, we believe in giving people as many chances in life as possible. Through our shelters, we have taken in people from different backgrounds fed them, clothe them and even link them to job opportunities. Through our kind gestures, these people have a chance to change their lives, and with their faith in God everything works out.

Besides the church working together with our congregation in running all the above programs, women in our congregation have also formed a program of their own. Through them, single mothers and the poor parents who have newborn babies get provided with the necessary items that they need after birth. Besides the things, they also get support from our congregation financially and emotionally. At Chula, we believe in lending a helping hand to any person in need regardless of their background. If you would like to join any of our programs or support us financially, you are more than welcomed.

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